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Roy Gun, CEO, Private Social Networks
“Silicon Strategies helped us discover who we are. Our clarity of com­mun­ications is several orders of magnitude above where it was before.”
Roy Gum, CEO Private Social Networks
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Branding White Paper

Selling Empathy – The Power of Positioning and Branding

Learn how emotions play into promotions, even in complex B2B sales.

Even the greatest marketing strategy fails without proper and measurable execution. Wise selection of tactics, campaigns, competent operations professionals, measuring results and refining the plan accordingly follows strategy development.

Silicon Strategies Marketing can manage your go-to-market operations, employing experienced marketing operations professionals and metrics-driven project management. We keep you in-the-loop and collaborate on improving your go-to-market plan throughout the engagement.

Complete go-to-market operations planning

Silicon Strategies Marketing guides the creation of, or completely builds your go-to-market plan. Using our foundational approach, we review and evaluate all methods of identifying and reaching your target market, selecting the best and most cost effective combinations to achieve your business goals.

Using the marketing strategy stack for guidance, your brand and market position are reinforced by the marketing plan. This ensures that you build recognition and market relevance with every activity and within each promotional campaign.

We also create measurable promotional campaigns and monitor them against goals. With recurring metric-based feedback, plans can be adjusted to respond to changes in market, competition or tactics.

Precise marketing operations and campaigns

Silicon Strategies Marketing has recruited teams of specialists to execute your go-to-market plan. Our core team consists of individuals with expertise in:

  • Graphics design
  • Web design and content management systems (CMS)
  • Social media
  • Email and other direct marketing
  • Search optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising, including pay-per-click, online, publications, television, radio
  • Events
  • Public relations

We also maintain a database of over 200 specialists who we can tap on-demand to address special marketing operations needs or to scale your operations.

Most importantly is that you stay in the loop at all times. We employ rigorous project management systems and hold periodic meetings so you are fully apprised of your spend rate, results and recommended changes in marketing tactics. You have a direct view of spending and outcomes and know that your investment will produce results.

Your go-to-market plan will make or break your company, and thus cannot be taken lightly. Contact Silicon Strategies Marketing today to assure your marketing plan is right the first time.