Your foundation must be formed early, and you must get it right. Our marketing consultants remove uncertainty and save you from disaster.

One Day Startup Strategy Session
Getting your go-to-market strategy right the first time avoids delays, cost overruns and late-market pivoting.

Silicon Strategies Marketing provides a one day marketing strategy building session for startups (“A” series funding and lower). An affordable, fast, mentored approach to setting sound go-to-market strategies.

Getting your marketing foundation right
You can burn through a lot of cash and never succeed. If you do not understand your markets and plan your strategy accordingly, failure is certain. For every Google there are thousands of companies that never received a single round of venture capital. The difference between is rarely the technology, but more often a marketing strategy that gets them past the lean years and into hyper growth.

Where Silicon Strategies Marketing can help
Silicon Strategies Marketing focuses your team on financial survival and revenue-growing strategies. Unlike other consultancies, we are experts in market strategy development. We guide start-ups past the common mistakes while staging your products to win customers, grow your brand, garner investment capital and erect barriers to competition.

Start-up CEO's Marketing Manual, by Guy Smith

How Silicon Strategies Marketing can help
Silicon Strategies Marketing can rapidly and frugally bring you to product-launch or product expansion. For start-ups, major marketing strategy elements include:

  • Market measuring: Angels and venture capitalists want proof that your market exists. Silicon Strategies Marketing will help define and measure your market as well as project sales and penetration rates. These are essential elements of a funding pitch.
  • Market segmentation: As a start-up, you are too small and your products are too new to sell broadly. Together we will establish your market segmentation plan that maximizes early revenues, creates a defensible beachhead and stages you for growing geometrically into new segments.
  • Messaging and branding: After product innovation, communicating to the market, analysts, investors and the media is your next big challenge. Silicon Strategies Marketing will guide you in creating compelling market messages and summarizing your unique brand in order to be heard, understood and remembered.

Your next step
Contact Silicon Strategies Marketing for a Marketing Readiness Review.  This quick diagnostic process will inventory your current strategic marketing readiness and identify those areas you must address in order to succeed and survive.