The fastest, most affordable way for founders and their teams to build a great go-to-market strategy

One day, market-ready strategy, $950

Strategic Marketing Pillars

Market Definition: Mapping your total, addressable and realistic markets.

Segmentation:Dividing your market into prioritized, managable pieces.

Buyer personae: Documenting the motivations of buyers, influencers and those with veto power.

Whole product: Gap identification between the expected, augmented and potential product offering.

Positioning: Plan your product position in today and tomorrow’s markets.

Branding: Define what you want the market to think and feel about your company and offerings.

Core market messages: Develop the three key market messages and learn how they feed all other messaging.

Getting your go-to-market strategy right the first time avoids delays, cost overruns and late-market pivoting.

Silicon Strategies Marketing provides a one day team marketing strategy building session for startups (“A” series funding and lower). You, your co-founders and even your entire team are led through the rigors of creating a sound go-to-market strategy, built atop your choice of five of the seven strategic market pillars (market definition, segmentation, buyer personae, whole product definition, positioning, branding and core market messaging). By picking five of the seven pillars, you focus on those most critical gaps in your planning while still fully fleshing-out a go-to-market strategy.

The guided process will expose what you do and do not know about your market, and what homework still awaits you. By the end of the six hour session, you will have a go-to-market action plan and the core materials necessary to succeed. You will have also gained buy-in from your partners and team via their participation in crafting your strategy.

What is involved

In each of five hours, we will cover one of the market strategy pillars, leaving the sixth hour for either more diligence on a complex topic, or to begin refining your overall go-to-market strategy.

You and your team will meet with Guy Smith, the author of the Start-up CEO’s Marketing Manual. Using education and a checklist approach, your team will discuss what is an isn’t understood about your market, document the preferred go-to-market strategy elements, and create “homework” assignments for the information you still need to acquire.

The end product from of this one day workshop is a draft of your go-to-market strategy, and one in which all your team members contributed. This last point is an essential leadership element, because your team will own and believe in the strategy, and thus execute it with passion.

Let’s get started

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