Core and field marketing messages are designed to move buyers through each phase of the sales cycle

“Market messages are like pantyhose: the one-size-fits-all variety don’t.”

Guy Smith, Silicon Strategies Marketing

Client Testimonial
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“Silicon Strategies brought a lot of our knowledge and content into a clearer focus, and found ways of effectively communicating this. Prospects now discover why we are important to them very quickly.”
Leila Modarres, Director of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere
Market Dominance White Paper

Got Message?

Messaging to all of your buyers is important. Touching both halves of their brains drives qualified leads and shortens sales cycles. Learn the mysteries of appealing to both their logic and their emotions in the white paper.

Marketing Wisdom
“Action without vision is a nightmare.”
Japanese Proverb

Objective: Define market messages to attract attention, the lead prospects through the sales cycle and to purchase.

Benefits: Instant understanding of why your products, create interest and preference, then guide the customer path of discovery.

Silicon Strategies Role: Distill core marketing messages that appeal buyer functional and emotive drivers, then craft field marketing messages that lead each genotype/personae through their investigation and purchase.

Marketing messages are your fundamental communications tool. Core marketing messages are the foundation for all other communications, and field marketing messages move prospects from one sales phase to the next. These marketing messages are used by marketing, sales, corporate communication, PR, product and other departments to effectively talk to the world.

Effective messaging is critical. A CSI Insights Survey discovered that companies with world-class market messaging:

  • Had 25% higher quota achievement rates
  • Had win rates 20% higher than average
  • Closed three times as many deals
  • Discounted products 1/5th as often as competitors

Developing marketing messages is one of the most important steps you take toward market dominance. In our 15-second attention span world, your market messages must communicate clearly and quickly to each unique audience. Yet your messages must be consistent throughout your organization and must reinforce your product positioning and branding.

Silicon Strategies Marketing guides you through core market message distillation and through field market message development. We model our processes to your team and deliver:

  • Clear understanding of key audiences and both their functional and  emotive motivators
  • Analysis of key words and phrases that communicate to audience biases
  • Compilation of core messages that communicate value and brand as well as lists of words and phrases to avoid
  • Cross-checking of core messages with brand strategy
  • Market message testing
  • Education of teams and executives on leveraging core market messages for situation-specific needs
  • Mapping of your sales cycle and all purchase influencers
  • Creation of messages for all major steps in a sales cycle, using value/argument/answer/action combinations

Silicon Strategies Marketing leads your teams through processes that deliver your product or corporate message manuals. Market message manuals become the guide that everyone in your organization follow when communicating to the outside world about your product, services and company.

Contact Silicon Strategies Marketing to discus the state of your market messages and how we can accelerate sales by precisely crafting these messages.