After initial growth many companies stall. Our marketing strategy consultants help you climb above your plateau.

Client Case Study
Our strategy work for SuSE Linux took them from nearly flat revenue growth to +5,000% in two years, and brought them to par with Red Hat. See how we did it for them, and how we can help you too.
Client Testimonial
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“Silicon Strategies brought a lot of our knowledge and content into a clearer focus, and found ways of effectively communicating this. Pros­pects now discover why we are important to them very quickly.”
Leila Modarres, Director of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere

Outmaneuver your competition 
After explosive early sales, many companies choke. They reach plateaus and struggle to grow revenues. There are many reasons companies stall – they fail to reevaluate their competitive landscape, don’t recognize a poor segment strategy, or they don’t shift their market messages for a larger audience. Companies can stagnate for years, unable to build past their niche or to create a broad bias for their brand. This disappoints executives, employees and investors.

Where Silicon Strategies Marketing can help
Winning in your market requires maneuvering around your competitors, creating strong and defensible positions and growing smartly. Such precision is often lacking in companies that had early growth through niche advantages. Silicon Strategies Marketing guides you through the forest of competitive threats and helps you to move beyond your current limited market reach.

How Silicon Strategies Marketing can help
Companies stagnate for several reasons, and Silicon Strategies Marketing has many solutions depending on your specific situation. Some common areas where Silicon Strategies Marketing has helped other companies move past their plateaus include:

  • Market segmentation re-evaluation: If you never segmented your market, or are relying on an early plan, odds are you do not know where the new competitive threats are emerging. You may be too close to the situation to see them clearly. Silicon Strategies Marketing can review or redo your market segmentation to show where the best opportunities live.
  • Positioning and competitive mapping: Knowing where you and your competitive threats are within your market and segments is crucial to knowing why growth has stopped. Silicon Strategies Marketing can identify these threats and map them within your market and segment models. Once you see where the roadblocks are, you can maneuver around them and revive revenue growth.
  • Buyer motivation inventory: Appealing to all buyer motivations – logical and emotional – is essential in creating dominant brands and making product easy to buy. Silicon Strategies Marketing will perform research (deep interviews, surveys, etc.) to discover what stimulates your buyers and purchase influencers, addressing both their left and right brain motivations.
  • Refining messages: Companies with early growth found the easy sales – early adopter buyers who had strong, preexisting motivations. The messaging you used for early adopters will be completely wrong for broader markets. Silicon Strategies Marketing will review your core and field market messages and make your products more attractive to more pragmatic buyers.

Your next step
Silicon Strategies Marketing’s favorite case study about overcoming stagnation involves SuSE Linux. Despite their chief competitor growing rapidly, SuSE’s North American revenues were nearly stagnant. Silicon Strategies Marketing took SuSE from 5% annual growth to 5,000% in two short years. Read more about this outstanding success, then call us to discuss your revenue growth goals.