Executives struggle to manage and lead teams filled with people of unequal experience, or teams that lack key talent. Our consultants help busy marketing executives extend themselves and their organization.

Client Case Study
Emerson’s Network Power division called on Silicon Strategies Marketing to define their core market messages during product launch planning. Having nobody on staff with deep messaging experience, this was the right move for Emerson – filling in gaps in their go-to-market capabilities.
Client Testimonial
“[Silicon Strategies] was the essential element to [our North American] office creat­ing a strong positioning and messages for that market … [SSM] effectively promoted the SuSE image and helped us achieve a greater mind­share in the market.”
Richard Seibt, Past President, SUSE and Novell EMEA

Your staffs needs guidance but you do not have the time
Busy CMOs and Vice Presidents of Marketing cannot guide their teams through all the rigors of marketing strategy. In fast-paced markets you lack the luxury of educating your staff in advance. It pays to bring in help for specific projects or products to assure your marketing teams cover all their bases, as we have done for large companies like Novell, Emerson and LogMeIn. Silicon Strategies Marketing consultants lends credibility to your mission while you focus on increasing enterprise value.

Aligning teams, educating staff, and augmenting skills
Alignment on marketing strategy and augmenting your team’s talent are key services we provide. Educating your staff members on marketing strategy issues (segmentation, messaging, etc.) causes them to move together uniformly. We can also fill-in the gaps in your team’s experience and skills, which is especially important during product launches and pivots.

How Silicon Strategies Marketing can help
Our consultants can help your staff with any marketing strategy challenge. There are several areas where Silicon Strategies Marketing can help you achieve all your goals.

  • Outsource strategy: Often you have new products or opportunities and no time to evaluate or perform core strategy reviews; meanwhile your staff may not have the talent or experience. In these cases you should outsource core marketing strategy development. Assisted strategy triage brings you to decision points faster, keeping you competitive in fast-moving markets.
  • Team facilitation of strategy: Your long-term goal is to have smarter teams that can handle marketing strategy development. Silicon Strategies Marketing can guide your staff through urgent marketing work while educating them on the processes and realities of market strategy. This keeps momentum for your products high while building your teams for the future.
  • Spot strategies: Often you will face situations where your strategy is missing a key element (our favorite ‘spot strategy’ case study involved LogMeIn, where we helped them decide on a unified or split branding strategy). Silicon Strategies Marketing can perform discreet guidance and development to assure you have 100% of your marketing strategy in place.

Your next step
Contact Silicon Strategies Marketing and ask for an executive consultation. Guy Smith will personally return your call and discuss how we can help keep you ahead of your competition.