Client Testimonial
FundNET - a Silicon Strategies Marketing client
“FundNET saw an immediate increase in the number of sales we were closing after we implemented Silicon Strategies Marketing’s recommendations. The whole process exceeded our expectations and gave us an ROI in excess of 400% within months.”
Jonathan Hunt, CEO, FundNET
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Got Message? The Importance of Core Market Message Development

Discover how precise market messages drive instant affinity and create brand preference.

Appeals to emotional and personal motivations drives 400% ROI

The Client: FundNET provides software for financial enterprises and independent financial service advisers.

The Situation: FundNET had not planned their market messages, especially messages targeting financial advisers, a key FundNET sub-segment. It was critical that financial advisers adopt FundNET given that these people drove demand for FundNET’s enterprise products.

Silicon Strategies Role: Silicon Strategies Marketing guided top FundNET executives through an intensive market message development process focusing on the key financial advisers segment.

The Processes: Silicon Strategies Marketing has well-honed processes for market message development. Given FundNET’s need to reach financial advisers and the long experience FundNET executives had in their market, we opted for an a posteriori process focusing on discovering, documenting and distilling functional and emotional motivations of financial advisers. The primary motivations of financial advisers were:

  • A desire to increase their sales and make more commissions
  • A desire to grow clientele bases with longevity as opposed to churning clients
  • To reduce their workload and enjoy more free time

Silicon Strategies Marketing led processes that let FundNET executives collaboratively create marketing messages that covered these motivators in elevator pitches, short descriptions and long descriptions. These messages were finally distilled into the corporate slogan.

The Strategy: As with most marketing message exercises, the strategy was to match emotional and functional motivators into unified messaging. When market messages appeal to both halves of the mind (emotional and logical), the buyer has a complete desire to investigate the offering because it fully encompasses his/her needs at a subconscious level.

Studies show that promotions which combine emotional and logical messages are 63% more profitable than purely rational-based promotions.

The Results: It took a very short time to see results. With their value proposition expressed in a mere three words, the rate of inquiry shot up and FundNET realized a 400% return on investment from the messaging exercise.

The Lessons: People, regardless of their job or position, have complex motivations that are never completely logical.  Appealing to both functional and emotional motivations in marketing messages gives prospects all the incentive they need to pick up the telephone.

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