Client Testimonial
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“Silicon Strategies brought a lot of our knowledge and content into a clearer focus, and found ways of effectively communicating this. Pros­pects now discover why we are important to them very quickly.”
Leila Modarres, Director of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere
Client Case Study
Our strategy work for SuSE Linux took them from nearly flat revenue growth to +5,000% in two years, and brought them to par with Red Hat. See how we did it for them, and how we can help you too.
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Plateau Prevention

Many companies grow to multi-million dollar ventures, then grow no more. Oddly, the founders are often the problem with their plateauing.

Communicating brand and value propositions for mobile technology services

The Client: DeviceAnywhere (now a division of Keynote Systems), a service provider to the mobile application developer market.

The Situation: DeviceAnywhere needed to communicate their value proposition online and at events in order to move prospects more quickly toward a “buy” decision.

Silicon Strategies Role: Conduct communication reviews, supply strategy advice, create and deliver content.

Initial Observations: DeviceAnywhere created a highly useful but complex set of services. Though they had good organic traction, DeviceAnywhere struggled to intimately communicate their top-line value propositions.

  • They had not developed a method to walk prospects through DeviceAnywhere value online.
  • Their staff was “burning out” with endless remote demonstrations.
  • At major trade events there was no succinct explanation of the service that clearly communicated value.

Identifying value: Though DeviceAnywhere had ample success – due to a very well designed product in a high-growth market – their value propositions and how they positioned their services were poorly communicated.  Based on a referral from another Silicon Strategies Marketing client, DeviceAnywhere contacted us and we began work:

  • We documented the pain points of DeviceAnywhere target customers.
  • We mapped these pain points to DeviceAnywhere values.
  • We developed new ways to clearly communicate these value points.
  • We identified “buy decision” influencers to whom values catered.
  • We created scripts for events and online presentations with an emphasis on getting DeviceAnywhere value propositions stated early and clearly.

From these seeds, two main deliverables were created:

  • Event stage presentations and live demos that succinctly communicated DeviceAnywhere values to target buyers
  • An expanded version of the live (and field-tested) event presentation reconfigured as an online demo

The Results: The results were very positive:

  • Initial event audience reaction was strong, generating significant “walk-in” rates of qualified leads (audience members approaching DeviceAnywhere staff with more questions after the demo).
  • Conversion rates for trial demos of their products were higher from the online videos than previous, manpower-intensive processes.

The Lesson:

  • The marketing behind even a successful product can be improved.
  • Focus on the pain experienced by targeted buyer genotypes with clear explainations of value.
  • Repurpose raw materials where possible. Massaging the event presentation and demo for online use was fast and cheap, and allowed sales engineers to quit doing one-on-one demos, saving them for more important sales-closing activities.

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