Creating targeted marketing messages and collateral

Client Testimonial
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“Silicon Strategies brought a lot of our knowledge and content into a clearer focus, and found ways of effectively communicating this. Pros­pects now discover why we are important to them very quickly.”
Leila Modarres, Director of Marketing, DeviceAnywhere
Go-to-market Readiness Review
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True Value

Value propositions are key to commun­icating to your buyers. Learn how to discover and articulate your true values.

Marketing communication is more science than art. Research and planning establish the precise foundation for talking to buyers, investors and the media. Creating effective communications and materials requires understanding that science and applying appropriate creativity.

Messaging – a key element to marketing strategy

With our deep experience in the science of messaging to precisely targeted audiences, Silicon Strategies eliminates confusing communications and wasted promotional budget. Your value propositions, buyer discovery guidance and core communications will hit the market and prospect.

We create both core and field market messages for your marketing operations and sales teams. Armed with these foundational elements, your staff consistently communicates your band and value to all your different audiences.

Creating compelling content

Turning messaging into content requires talented copywriters, graphic designers and video directors. Building on the strategic elements – branding, core messaging, buyer motivation analysis – we create materials and text to drive interest and adoption of your products. The same processes are used to communicate to your non-buyer audiences – investors, media and analysts.

Combine strategic and operational messaging activities

Key to successful marketing communications is this combining of disciplines. Without a solid strategy, artists and copywriters will produce off-target materials. Silicon Strategies Marketing’s combined process assures that your external image matches your strategic direction.

Communicating accurately is non-trivial and cannot be done by job-shop writers and artists. We integrate marketing strategy with your communications and create market success.

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