Knowing who evaluates, selects or influences the decision to buy your products

“The correct goal is to make [your product] easier to buy.”

Geoffrey Moore, The Chasm Group

Client Testimonial
“FundNET saw an immediate increase in the number of sales we were closing after we implemented Silicon Strategies Marketing’s recommendations. The whole process exceeded our expectations and gave us an ROI in excess of 400% within months.”
Jonathan Hunt, CEO, FundNET
Market Dominance White Paper

Manhandling Markets

SuSE in North America was only growing 5% a year while Red Hat was dominating the market. With our help SuSE in­creased top-line revenues 5,000% and became the undisputed #2 Linux distro.

Objective: Understand every person that influences the decision to buy your product.

Benefits: Precise targeting and communications to decision makers, purchase influencers and people with “veto” power.

Silicon Strategies Role: Discover and document key “buy decision” influencers and their motivations, enabling selling to all stakeholders.

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Many people participate in buying decisions, especially in B2B markets. Some influence the decision, some mandate solutions, and some have veto power. It is critical to know each buyer genotype, what influence they have, what their different motivations are, and how to sell to each. 

Silicon Strategies Marketing defines a genotype as “the unique buying decision influencer within a segment of a specific market.” The definition of the market, the market maturity level and scope of the market segment will identify the genotypes that are critical to your sales and marketing efforts.

Silicon Strategies Marketing guides you through identifying and describing the common genotypes in your industry and market segments. For each genotype, we determine and document their:

  • Primary motivators and demotivators
  • Expected outcomes from your product
  • Scope of influence in the buy decision

Our consulting processes help you reach and educate key buyers, making your products easier to buy and thus initiating sales. Genotype analysis also enables development of your core market message and your branding. Our processes determine the:

  • Market phase for your product
  • Types of management levels involved in the decision process
  • Scope of their influence on the “buy” decision
  • Key motivators and demotivators for each genotype matrix point
  • Correlation between genotype motivations and product benefits

You must sell to each genotype. Selling to all genotypes expedites decisions and shortens sales cycles. Failing to win the hearts and minds of every influencer of a buy decision will extend the sales cycle, or lose sales entirely.

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