CEOs and marketing teams need mentoring

Client Testimonial
“FundNET saw an immediate increase in the number of sales we were closing after we implemented Silicon Strategies Marketing’s recommendations. The whole process exceeded our expectations and gave us an ROI in excess of 400% within months.”

Jonathan Hunt, CEO, FundNET

Loyalty Marketing White Paper

B2B Executive Loyalty

Executives display loyalty to ven­dors. Know­ing why they do is intrinsic to earning and keeping accounts.

No organization has all the talent it needs. It is important that you obtain marketing guidance even when your staffing plan does not provide for it.

Silicon Strategies Marketing will mentor you, your executives and your marketing teams. We are available on ad hoc, retained or specific assignment basis. Some of the common mentoring services we offer include:

  • Executive sounding board: Silicon Strategies Marketing acts as your ad hoc marketing advisor, providing expert advice on demand.
  • Strategy facilitator: Guide your executive teams on devising fully informed market strategies through either individual coaching or group processes.
  • Team seminars: We come on-site to coach your teams on any or all of the seven pillars of marketing strategy.
  • Marketing team guidance: We can lead your junior marketing teams in the development of strategy or go-to-market plans, materials and processes.

Make sure you have the right talent at the right time, without over-hiring.

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